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Diana Marua’s Sister Discusses Her Addiction


Michelle Ngoje, a popular cosmetic artist and social media influencer, opened up about her drug addiction.

What Fans Noticed About Diana Marua’s Sister’s Son

Diana Marua‘s sister, the celebrity, was sharing her story on her YouTube channel. Michelle stated in her video “let’s talk about s**” that she became addicted to marijuana while attending Kenyatta University.

Michelle was reminiscing about her campus life in the video, noting that after graduating from high school, she enrolled in Kenyatta University. She noted that her first year was enjoyable since she was simply “living life.” Michelle mentions meeting her children’s father (Ian) in her first year of college.


The actress says she wishes someone had told her about all of the expectations and demands that come with being a student. She remarked that many of her “firsts” occurred during her time at university.

Michelle stated that it was her need to fit in that caused her to begin smoking pot in the first place, because everyone else was doing it. She stated that she had no idea that she would get hooked to the substance and struggle to get out of that area years later. She also stated that she would provide more information on the subject in the future because it was not the primary purpose of the video.

She wanted to talk about s** on college, as the title of her video suggests. She mentioned that she became pregnant in her second year and that she wanted to dispel the myth that being a teen parent is a wonderful life.


Michelle revealed to her admirers that she became pregnant with twins while in her second year of college, when she was 19 years old. She stated that telling her father about it was the most difficult thing she had to do. Her father, on the other hand, was quite kind and simply wanted to know what her plans were since she was in such a position.

The artist went on to say that her pregnancy affected both her academic and professional lives (as she was working while she was in school). She mentioned it, despite the fact that she appears to have everything under control. There was a period when she had no idea what she was doing and all she had was a good support system around her.