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Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu’s hit song ‘Cheche’ back on YouTube


Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu [Photo: Courtesy]

Cheche, a trendy song by Tanzanian singers; Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu, has been reinstated to Google video site YouTube days after it was pulled down following a copyright claim.

A chart-topper in its own right, the song is 300,000 views shy of the 3 million mark and is impressively up from the over 2.5 million views that it had garnered within five days of being released before it was pulled down.

While details of the copyright claim and how it was sorted out are not clear, Wasafi Classic Baby’s Head of Digital Department, Kim Kayndo, had earlier disclosed that WCB was engaging YouTube to have the strike occasioned by a claim made by Tony Antony in the video-sharing platform lifted.

According to Kayndo, the claim by Antony lacked merit. “I am working on it currently, you will find out that it is just a person who has issues and therefore claimed copyright and YouTube listened to them and pulled down the video, but when they listen to our side of the story, they will make a proper judgment,” said Kayndo.

The judgment has clearly swung to WCB’s side. A move appreciated by Platnumz who while announcing the return of the song – currently trending at No. 1 both in Kenya and Tanzania – urged members of his WCB label not to relent in the face of adversity.

“Let us learn not to complain or pass blame when faced with challenges. Let us learn to be grateful to God. He plans all. At all times, His plans are right, and, are for your own good. You can’t be stamped on, He loves you, that is why he created you. Cheche is back and is in its number one position – as before. Thank you for the love,” he wrote.

Responding to claims by Kenya’s Tanasha Donna that Cheche’s lyrics bore striking similarities to the one’s used by the latter in Te Quero featuring Khaligraph Jones, Zuchu, on her part, denied copying the former NRG presenter’s content.

“I didn’t know kulikuwa na hizo claims I was very busy. Ilivyotoka Cheche ilitoka audio kwanza before video kwa hiyo nilikuwa sijui mpaka kipindi kile tunashoot nilikuwa sijui. Siku hiyo napost video, kama kesho yake alikuja dada kunihoji wa Mwanchi nadhani akaniambia umemuibia Tanasha nyimbo, and I was like nimemuibia nyimbo gani? It’s almost impossible kwa sababu nyimbo nimeiandika akawa anatafuta simu anisikilizishe lakini hakuwai kwa sababu muda wake ulikuwa umeisha… Nikasikiliza huwa wimbo nikawa sioni similarities…” Zuchu told Creez Favors.