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Dating Apps are not for Rihanna

Rihanna on Dating Apps

Rihanna thinks people that use dating apps are “brave”.

The ‘Diamonds’ hitmaker is currently single after her three-year relationship with Hassan Jameel ended earlier this year, but she won’t be logging on to seek out new love, albeit she knows it is often how to seek out a “great relationship”.

The music star said: “I don’t think dating apps are on behalf of me but people that use them are brave and that i know they create tons of great relationships lately .”

When it involves her perfect man, the 32-year-old singer wants someone she will “build” a life with.

Speaking to new! Magazine, she explained: “The ideal man on behalf of me is one who wants to create with you. I do not think you’ll ever indeed be happy during a relationship unless you’re proud of yourself first.

“But once you’re therein place, you would like to be with a person who supports you and needs to create dreams and goals with you.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna also involved stricter laws to crack down on online bullies, albeit she insisted they never affect her.

The ‘Umbrella’ hitmaker said: “I don’t pay any notice to trolls. My thinking is that they would not ever be brave enough to mention it to my face – but it is a lot easier for them to feel brave behind a display screen.

“There should absolutely be laws in situ to stop trolling. Free speech is vital but simply because you’re behind a screen it doesn’t offer you the proper to be abusive, racist or anything that’s getting to upset people or make them feel bad.”