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Dancer brings thrill of dance to youth


By Shanice Naidoo 19m ago

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Cape Town Through his passion for dance and love for his community Wesley Alfonso Bosch from Bonteheuwel started a dance academy to change negatives to positives through dance.

He started dancing at the end of high school. Bosch has danced all around the Cape.

“What I realised is that the kids in my community did not have this opportunity as they could not afford to take classes,” he said.

Bosch took it upon himself to teach the kids and provide platforms for them that they wouldn’t have been able to afford to be a part of such as the classes, competitions and events.

So he started Rebel Dance Academy which was formerly known as Northern Dance Academy. They have been busting moves since the beginning of the year.

The academy boasts around 25 young children from ages nine to 17.

They mainly focus on the Bonteheuwel area.

“It is not the best area so this allows them to dance through all the negative we see around us. We try to show them the positives through dance,” said Bosch.

They are self-funded and run fundraisers to keep afloat and to be able to compete in competitions.

The kids get T-shirts and food on the day of competitions and that requires some funding.

The next fundraiser will be in Bonteheuwel on Bluegum Road on October 1.

Dancer Morgan Smith, 13, said she enjoys the classes because she is with all her friends and it is a happy environment. “Dancing helps me express my feelings. It helps me get out of my feelings,” she said.

Ashton Schouw said learning new styles has been great for her and she has lots of friends and they are like family. ”Dancing helps take away my stress a lot.”

Ward councillor for Bonteheuwel Angus Mckenzie said that to make a change in the community it takes a holistic approach. “We have had some luck in making Bonteheuwel a safer environment. I want to thank them (Rebel Dance Academy) for doing this for the community and they should never give up. More young people need to be given opportunities, we also need to see more people doing things like this,” he said.

For more information on Rebel Dance Academy check out their Facebook page.

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