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Curvy Queen Sandra Ndebele leaves Twimbos in Awe

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Sandra Ndebele seemed to have been at a peak of her career and fame over a decade ago. Sandra used to be the girl most dreamt of dating and most women wanted to be like.

Don’t get us started about her dancing skills when Sandra Ndebele danced heads turned and she was sure to fill up arenas. However, when we all thought she was washed up as she had been off the spotlight for quite a while, Sandra decided to send us a reminder of who the real Curvy Queen is.

Most were left in shock at the latest pics this African goddess shared to let us know she still owns the thrown. Here are some of Sandra Ndebele pictures turning heads online:

Keep going Girl!

“Dear body, I love you I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough. So are you sis’ Be comfortable in your own skin, Be you Enjoy it and learn to love your self first.

We couldn’t agree more Queen Sandy…

Keep Slaying girl…

You gotta love her…Now the Twimbos reactions to Sandra Ndebele’s recent posts were nothing short of priceless:

Things got heated a bit when one twimbo wanted to start comparing the curvy Misred to Sandra:

Wasn’t long till tribalism kicked in: