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Connie’s First Holidays Without Shona Take Her Down Memory Lane


With the death of her husband and the love of her life, Shona Ferguson, Connie Ferguson has surely had one of the most difficult years of her life. Now, around the holidays, when everyone gathers with and loves their families, she took a trip down memory lane that warmed everyone’s hearts in Mzansi.

The actress wished her beloved brother a happy birthday in a recent social media message. She shared a photo of herself, Sho, and the man of the hour, saying that even though he is no longer with us, she knows he would have been the first to phone her brother and wish him a happy birthday.

Connie made certain that her brother knew how much he was loved by the entire family. She is grateful to him for all of his love and support, and she wanted him to know that they all adore him unconditionally.

The small screen icon recently released a video of herself and Uncle Sho sharing a sweet moment, which had us reaching for Tears. She informed him on the video that she loved his laugh, to which he reacted with a silly chuckle, making her even happier. The caption, though, crushed our hearts.

She labeled the photo “first Christmas,” almost as though she was dreading the holidays without him. Other celebrities and admirers, like Ntando Duma and Cassper Nyovest, flocked into her comments to express their love and support through what they anticipated would be a difficult period.

But Christmas arrived, and if her social media pictures are any indication, it wasn’t as horrible as she had anticipated. They enjoyed a wonderful family holiday, sharing photos of the entire family next to the Christmas tree. It made everyone in Mzansi thrilled to see that the family was still joyful despite the loss of their patriarch.

The family has fared better than we could have predicted. Connie’s eldest daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane, just gave us the ultimate sauce on Instagram. She asked viewers to gaze into her stunning eyes, leaving Connie perplexed as to who she was attempting to captivate.

It’s wonderful that they’re all finding ways to laugh despite their grief. The family just shattered all of our hearts by commemorating Connie and Shona’s 20th wedding anniversary.

Although she normally comes out as tough and composed, Connie revealed that she was not feeling well on that particular day, which was understandable. She was surrounded by relatives and loved ones, which helped, but the sorrow remained.

We appreciate seeing how strong the family is, especially around the holiday season. We all miss Uncle Sho terribly and hope he rests in peace.