Connie Ferguson Dishes Out Some Fitness Motivation

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Connie Ferguson

We all want and wish for a nice figure, but the hard truth is we got to work for it. We see Connie Ferguson every day on T.V and admire that fine figure and how she seems to age like a fine wine. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t come easy, Connie was kind enough to share with us her work routine on social media and its time we get motivated! There is no denying veteran actress Connie Ferguson’s talent and beauty, and while she may have hit a genetic jackpot, the hard work she puts into maintaining her healthy physique definitely pays off and inspires many to get active.Connie Ferguson

Connie took her fitness journey to a whole new level by creating her fitness Instagram page “iconniecfit”, where her fans can track her gym routine and fitness journey.

Many see the gym as plain hard work and have not bought into the idea that it can be fun, but her page’s bio says the opposite: “Personal blog sharing my fitness journey with the hope of taking you along for the ride! Let the fun begin!”

From boxing, to running and skipping – here’s some inspiration to get you active and  shedding those extra kilos:

So my body betrayed me and I’ve been man down with summer flu and a chest infection for the past few days now!???? So instead of lying here feeling sorry for myself I thought I would share what is fast becoming one of my favorite cardio workouts along with the jump rope, ladder drills!????.
Commonly used by soccer players to improve speed, agility and quickness, not only do they improve your athletic performance but can help boost your fitness level as well!???????? • Speed: your ability to move in one direction as fast as possible • Agility: your ability to accelerate, decelerate, and change directions • Quickness: your ability to react or switch positions rapidly
They’re also a great form of Cardio exercise and can help you burn a lot of calories! My favorite though is how they improve your mental focus and coordination! Definitely worth considering fitting into your fitness program!????????????❤️
On Monday, #thechamp @xolisani_nomeva took #thekid @ali.ferguson_ and I through a few ladder drills! Swipe left to see the different variations that we did! An intense but fun workout!

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