Concede and hand over to HH, Tutwa Ngulube urges President Lungu

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Losing PF Kabwe Central Constituency Parliamentary candidate Tutwa Ngulube has urged President Edgar Lungu to quickly concede and hand over power to Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement, Mr Ngulube, who is also PF member of the central committee and former PF deputy chief whip said the outcome of the election was obvious that there was change of government.

He noted that Zambians in the last four days had been gripped with fear and anxiety.

Mr. Ngulube said traffic had slowed down and tempers were rising.

“We in the government must handover power to the people that entrusted us to govern without a shed of blood. I wish to congratulate the new Kabwe Central MP Mrs Chrizoster Phiri and wish to support her all the way,” Mr. Ngulube said.

“While clinging on to power would benefit a few elites like friends of the President and close acquaintances like former ministers and those in the presidential inner circles, the majority of Zambians who have no means to escape will suffer serious consequences of such resistance.”

Mr. Ngulube said having lost an election himself after heavily campaigning meant that the views of the majority were more than the minority.

“We therefore wish to state that no Zambian should die because of political power. To save lives of all Zambians, we urge the President Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu to swiftly hand overpower as soon as the declaration of the winner is done,” he said.

“Using results obtained from all the constituencies as announced by the ECZ in those areas, we can safely say that the President and the PF have lost.”

Mr. Ngulube urged President Lungu to concede defeat and let the new government take over.

He congratulated “His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema on his well-deserved win”.

“To you Mr President Hichilema, Sir, we wish you well in your new duties as Head of State and I plead with you, please, restrain all UPND cadres from engaging in acts of anger or violence,” said Mr. Ngulube.

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