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Allow me to start by firstly mentioning that,
My colleagues and I are not the ones in charge of calling for elections or dissolution of the Executive, whatever transpired was beyond anyones control, kindly note that there is a proceedure for everything.

In my last few days left at The Copperbelt University, allow me to say that I am bidding you all adieu and I would love to mention that I would love to focus my life on other things and my private life.

I don’t regret any good or bad moment I shared with you as it was all part of our memories while others were lessons we learnt.

For all those who feel that there were alot of illegalities and feel the need to take matters to court, feel free to do so especially in terms of finances.

As exciting as this may be, this decision comes with negative impactions especially during this period,

1. There will be no student representatives to sit in senate and advocate for moderation of results due to the different environments and situations each student is or will be facing.

2. There will be no one to negotiate for students that will have challenges reaching the 80% thresshold to write their exams

3. There will be no one to negotiate for students whose CAs will be below average due to different personal reasons to be allowed to sit for their exams.

4. There will be no one to appeal on behalf of students who won’t qualify for Supplementary exams due to there results.

5. There be no one to assist students resolve issues of missing results and wrong comment after publishing of results.

6. There will be no one to continue negotiating for a one week opening date extension.

Note that no one can represent any student with out any capacity.

My hope however is that management should consider students welfare in all decision makings despite not having student representation in stake holders meetings.

Kindly note that elections can only be held in the first term of next Academic year and an election road map will soon be published by the office of The Dean of Students when the time is right.

However if need be for a temporal executive or an interim executive until elections, the right authorities will do the needful of which I do not want my hands to be a part of.
I wish you all the very best, and God’s grace as you prepare and write your exams.

All those who would wish to join student leadership can start familiarising themselves with the students and the student governance system and they should note that, leadership is not for the faint hearted, you need to have a crocodiles skin.

Time waits for no one and I choose to move on.

Remember, The Government will never magically put food on your table or pay your fees and bills, you need to work hard.
Blessed evening.

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