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#clicksadvert Still Trend after group issued statement

Clicks Offensive Advert, Clicks Outrageous Advert

#clicksadvert is Still Trending after the group issued a statement apologising for their ignorant outrageous Advert. Though clicks advert is still trending it is no longer for the same reason it initially trended for.

At first clicks Advert trended because it was racially insensitive and offended the African Queens. Now the reason it is trending is that hypocrisy is being exposed to some of the Mzansi women that they also subconsciously support the false narrative which was exposed in the clicks advert. Malema’s EFF also turned the heat on the matter when they commanded clicks not to open.

The advert centered around the notion that African natural hair is bad and caucasian hair is perfect. though many protested against this notion they entangled themselves into this false narrative as they were exposed to prefer buying caucasian hair to put on as weaves and wigs to rocking to their African natural hair.

Here are some of the tweets which followed after this matter: