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Chilufya Tayali weighs in the rise of COVID-19 cases


Economic and Equity Party President Chilufya Tayali says pupils and teachers are at high risk of contracting the Coronavirus pandemic whose cases are on the increase in Zambia.

Mr Tayali says the Ministers of General and Higher Education David Mabumba and Brian Mushimba must rethink on how they will conduct examinations because things cannot be as usual.

He said if the teachers and pupils from various schools were to be tested, most of them would be found with the pandemic considering the recent high positive cases and mortalities being announced.

“I certainly think we would find a number of pupils and teachers who have contracted COVID-19”, said Mr Tayali.

Mr Tayali said while the Government can emphasize the issue of measuring temperatures, it is clear that, a lot of people have tested positive without any symptoms.

He said while children and teachers can mask up, there are many ways in which they can contract COVID-19 pandemic.

“At school, teachers have to mark books after giving exercises to pupils. Imagine if one pupil has COVID-19 and contaminates the exercise book which goes to the teacher to mark, the teacher will also have to touch other books. This can spread COVID-19”, he said.

Mr Tayali said the time of being in one place is another source of concern saying having pupils and teachers in schools for a long time increases the chance for them to contract COVID-19.

He added that COVID-19 may be with us for a long time, but this is the peak due to weather and has wondered why the authorities would not wait till this cold passes.