children living with autism, have unique capabilities, says mrs mutinta hichilema

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CONSTRUCTION of a center to accommodate children living with autism has commenced in Kabwe.

First lady Mutinta Hichilema who commissioned the construction of Caleb Center for Children Living with Autism in Kabwe has commended the move as it will see to children living with autism getting proper care.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability affecting how a person communicates and interacts with the world

Mrs Hichilema during the commissioning of construction in Katondo ward in Kabwe commended the Kabwe Municipal Council for providing land to pave way for the center and further gave gratitude to Caleb Center for Children Living with Autism for good job being done for the differently abled

“Autistic children have unique capabilities despite being different and therefore should be nurtured in a special way for them to fully utilize their capabilities,” she said.

Mrs Hichilema at the same event also handed over some assorted food items to Caleb Center for Children Living with Autism.

Provincial Minister Credo Nanjuwa thanked Mrs Hichilema for gracing the occasion stating that her humanitarian works were commendable.

And Kabwe Mayor Patrick Chishala said that the center will help cater for the needs of children living with autism in Kabwe.

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