Chief Keef’s Glo Gang Rapper YNC Capo Shot and Killed In Suspected Carjacking

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Yet another murder has been recorded in the hip-hop community. According to reports, rising Memphis rapper YNC Capo, who was part of Chief Keef’s Glo Gang, was reportedly shot and killed in Southwest Memphis around the 2000 block of West Shelby Drive.

The incident is said to have taken place on August 14, and according to FOX 12 News, Memphis police have revealed that he was struck multiple times. According to a Facebook post from a supposed family member, the rapper was killed because the robbers wanted his Infiniti Q60 Sport.

“They car jacked him and killed him last night at the Watkins Express. They took his new model 2017-2021 white Infiniti Q60 sport. so it’s doing to stand out in a city like Memphis because all these people that are driving them Infiniti cars out there they’re driving the old ones,” the person stated.

The also sadly added that “The murder victim just found out recently that he have a baby on the way by the woman that’s standing behind his car. #update his car has been recovered by the MPD. The person that killed him didn’t even have it for 24 hours smdh.”

Several of the slain rapper’s counterparts have reacted with shock at the news of his death. Musician Big Whoa shared an Instagram post the day after the incident, on August 15, expressing his sorrow.

“RIP Capo. You was on your way to millions. God to you homie,” he posted. In another post, he shared some of the last conversations that they had.

One woman, Marquitta Johnson, who seemed to be close to the family, also shared her grief on Facebook following news of YNC Capo‘s death.

“R.I.H it wasn’t supposed to go like this, your with your dad now, I can see that smile on meechie face now. You were a sweet young man Malik (ync capo)Keep the Hoyle, Gibson family and his mother in your prayers,” she posted.


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