Chellah Tukuta’s Appointment sparks debate

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Chellah Tukuta, a cameraman who claims to be the son of President Hakainde Hichilema, has recently been appointed to a significant position at the Zambia Daily Mail by the president himself. Now serving as the Deputy Editor in charge of Photography and Chief Photographer, this move has triggered widespread discussions and raised questions about the basis of his appointment. Chellah Tukuta garnered attention in the past for referring to himself as “President Chellah” during a trip to Brazil, which has led some to wonder about his qualifications and suitability for his new role in the media industry.

The news of his appointment has ignited a debate among the public, with some expressing skepticism about his expertise and experience in journalism and photography. Many are curious about the selection process for this role and whether there were other more qualified candidates who may have been overlooked. Additionally, there is speculation about the potential implications of his appointment on the credibility and professionalism of the Zambia Daily Mail. Some are hopeful that Chellah Tukuta will bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the newspaper, while others remain cautious, awaiting to see how he will navigate the responsibilities and expectations of his new position.

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