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Chaos As Brothers Steal Corpse From Mortuary

Brothers Steal Corpse

The Mutambara community in Manicaland remains in shock after three brothers savagely assaulted their uncle to death before happening to steal his corpse from the mortuary, following an alleged prophecy.

We have learned from the Manica Post that the brothers, Nehumani, Dhabi and Hazel Munjoma are members of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church. The three brothers claimed that they had received several prophecies which confirmed that their uncle, Tella Munjoma, was liable for causing the family’s misfortunes.

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The three brothers then teamed and went after their uncle, whom they savagely assaulted using rods. The senior Munjoma was beaten so badly that he became unconscious.

At now , the three brothers seem to possess realised the gravity of their actions and rushed their uncle to Mutambara Mission Hospital. Unfortunately, he was declared dead on arrival.

When the brothers learned that the person that they had savagely assaulted had died, they crept back to the hospital and stole his body while the hospital staff were getting to other matters. They then dumped the deceased at his homestead before happening the run.

The case was confirmed by Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa who told the publication,

“Mr Munjoma was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. After learning that they had murdered their uncle, the three stole the corpse because the hospital staff was preparing to require the body to the mortuary.

“They sneaked out of the hospital with the corpse.

“They dumped the body during a automobile at Mr Munjoma’s homestead, where it had been found hours later by their younger brother, Shiba Munjoma. The Munjoma brothers disappeared from the scene and are on the run.

“The matter was reported to Cashel police headquarters and therefore the body was conveyed back to Mutambara Mission Hospital for post-mortem,”