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Channel 24 Apologizes To Bonang


Upon seeing a Tweet by Channel 24, Bonang Matheba immediately shared her frustrations on Twitter.

She was labeled a social media butterfly and this was a title she was not at all in the mood for. Queen B tweeted, “…social media butterfly?! Imagine.”

Tweeps stood by Queen B and understood her apparent frustrations and asserted that journalists ought to show some respect when taking Bonang’s name.

Channel 24 immediately understood their mistake, following Queen B’s apparent annoyance that she expressed via Twitter and felt deeply ashamed by their post. Channel 24 instantly removed their post.

They also took to publicly apologizing to our Queen B and asserting that they have the utmost respect for Bonang.  Bonang, however, felt deeply insulted by this comment and said that the apology was not quite enough. She urged that they do better.

Tweeps gave a list of Bonang’s qualities that could much rather have been mentioned like the fact that she is an entrepreneur, style icon, and Queen.

It is clear that Bonang will school anyone who makes a misjudgment. Head up high Queen B! She correctly said it on the gram, “Don’t worry about it, sweee’ heart.”