President Lungu

Lungu to be longest serving President

It came as a shock to hear President Edgar Lungu introduce his desire to contest the 2026 general elections. What President Lungu said was...
Zambia 2021 Elections

PF to Cancel Zambia 2021 Elections

It doesn't sound too off when one thinks about it. Can PF government rig Zambia 2021 Elections? or better yet cancel them? Prophecy is...
Kaizer Zulu Political Party

Fallen & Disgraced Kaizer Zulu Forms Political Party

The once-mighty now-disgraced and fallen Kaizer Zulu is now trying to find his way back into the political arena. We somehow have a feeling...
Bill 10 zambia

What is Bill 10 Really about?

Maybe you have just been hearing about this bill yet you have no idea what it is that has got a lot of people's...
Kaizar zulu Warned

“We will force you out of the State House”

PF is clearly not about to be dragged down by radical elements amid the 2021 elections. Kaizar Zulu's fiasco over the past month seems...

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