Ladysmith Black Mambazo founder Joseph Shabalala has died

Details are still emerging, however, the group’s manager Xolani Majozi said that the 78-year-old was suffering from complications from a back surgery in 2012...
Boity Thulo Own Your Throne

Boity Thulo’s Own Your Throne reality show gets thumbs up

Boity Thulo‘s long-awaited reality show didn’t disappoint, and many of her fans are actually looking forward to seeing more in the upcoming episodes. Usually when...
Dj Zinhle

DJ Zinhle Has Had Enough & Vows to Fight Back

DJ Zinhle has had enough of the negativity coming from different directions and she has made it clear she has had enough. If you're...
Miss SA 2020

‘New Miss SA’ Crowning Sasha-Lee Olivier’s has Mzansi Confused

Mzansi's knowledge of beauty pageant rules came under the spotlight on Wednesday after newly-crowned Miss SA 2019 Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier stepped into the role,...

Get your man to last 2.5 hours in bed try this tonight

S.e.x is a beautiful thing meant to be enjoyed by both parties, however, oftentimes only one party is pleasured and the other is left...

How to cope in a s.e.xless marriage

So, it’s been a minute since you shook the sheets with your spouse. You tell yourself that every relationship runs into a s.e.x rut from...

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