Marjane Satrapi

Female director declines all benefits and penalties based simply on her body.

I WON'T PLAY 'NICE'. This director declines all benefits as well as penalties based simply on her body, composes. Marjane Satrapi may not be a household...

Your man’s side chick is not your problem

Relationships can oftentimes be complicated, it is very easy to be paranoid at every point of miscommunication or lack of communication. However, the bitter...
Why women live longer

Four reasons why women live longer than men

Traditionally, men are considered more vigorous gender. However, when it involves overall vitality and lifelong endurance, women win handily. According to the planet Health Organization,...

Best ways to win over your difficult mother-in-law

According to researchers at Utah State University, nearly 60 percent of all marriages suffer from tension with mothers-in-law, normally between the daughter-in-law and her...
Genital warts

7 facts about genital warts you should know

Really, if you give serious thoughts to such things, you would never ever have unprotected s.e.x again. In fact, you would choose to abstain. Genital...
Side Chick

Why your man’s side chick is not your problem

Women who would rather rage at the mistress instead of the man are justified or just messed up? When you find out that your boyfriend...
Small Business

5 creative ways to get your small business noticed

You just started a small business and you are looking for a way to attract new customers? Don't stress, there are many ways to...

Signs You Are A S.E.X Addict

Some call it hypers.e.xuality some just s.e.xual addiction, whatever you choose to call most can help but wonder if its a real thing or...

Women that men don’t want to marry

Marriage is a life long commitment, it is the fear of marrying the wrong partner that scares most men about commitment. Till death do...

3 signs that you have forgotten your self-worth in a relationship

You are best-suited to a life with another person when you are not scared to be by yourself. When you have become self-sufficient enough...

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