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The Audacity: Man Steals His Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring To Propose To Side Chick

Some people can cross all boundaries and do the unthinkable just to impress their lovers. Such is that the case of a Florida man...

Kenyan man posts emotional message to ex-girlfriend who blocked him

Despite being hurt, Bryan Tanui from the good county of Narok remains recovering from the pain of heartbreak. That has not deterred him from...

5 awkward problems you get for sleeping with a close friend

It really is difficult to escape all the pitfalls that come with sleeping with a close friend. Opposites ex friendships are usually all well and...

How Women Tell If A Man Has A Big P_enis Or Not

How Women Tell The Size Of A Man’s P_enis A lot is often said about how men check out...
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Weird new study suggests that lots of s.e.x in a relationship could make partners...

Cheating is such a sensitive issue in our relationships and in dating life that it never really stops being talked about. There’s so much of...
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People are being hypocritical; they really don’t want God-fearing partners

Chances are that you just like the idea of a God-fearing partner, you really do not want one. To be God-fearing is an established, transgenerationally-relevant...

5 common reasons why men lose interest in relationships

These are five common, relatable reasons why men lose interest in women they were once in love with.Sometimes people in relationships, once burning with...
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Tempted to cheat? Here’s what to do when it feels too difficult to stay...

People with partners get wooed, seduced and tempted all the time. How do you not go under in situations like this? Understandably, the decision to...
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Here are unforgivable secrets you should never keep from your partner

In your relationship with your boyfriend or husband, here are the very important things you are duty-bound to let him know. The rule of communication...
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What’s the use of having a side dude while dating?

Regardless of reason and intent, is it ever justifiable to date other guys while in a relationship? I randomly stumbled on a piece - on...

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