Pregnant women, Covid-19

New Study: Pregnant women can pass Covid-19 to their unborn babies

The evidence that pregnant women may pass the Covid-19 virus to their unborn babies is gaining momentum, with a new Italian study confirming the...
Teen Model Down Syndrome, Ellie Goldstein, Gucci

Teen model with Down syndrome gets world’s attention as one of new faces for...

Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model, from London, has all eyes on her since joining the campaign for Gucci Beauty. In an interview with Vogue, Goldstein,...
Marriage, Cheating, Relationship tips,

Here are unforgivable secrets you should never keep from your partner

In your relationship with your boyfriend or husband, here are the very important things you are duty-bound to let him know. The rule of communication...
Covid-19, Sweden Survives European Coronavirus surge

SA needs to learn to live with coronavirus, says Prof Karim

Durban - Professor Salim Abdool Karim believes that South Africans need to learn to live with coronavirus. In an...
Miss SA finalists

2 Miss SA finalists open up about being on the frontline during the pandemic

Dealing with the coronavirus isn’t easy, especially for health workers who are at the frontline dealing with infected patients. This year, the Miss South...
Relationships, Side dude, side guy

What’s the use of having a side dude while dating?

Regardless of reason and intent, is it ever justifiable to date other guys while in a relationship? I randomly stumbled on a piece - on...

3 signs that you’re in a rebound relationship

A rebound relationship is a type that happens when someone who has just had a breakup decides to jump right into another one. The...

3 things unhappy people do in relationships

While these are easy, obvious pointers to an unhappy partner, sometimes, it takes a whole lot of sensitivity for you to know when your man or...

This is how to not apologise to your partner when you’ve wronged them

This is what an apology should not look like. Nobody is perfect and it’s OK to make mistakes and offend your partner. However, the manner...

How to be mysterious for your date

 A man always attracts the opposite s.ex with his mysteriousness. Who is he? This question sleep deprives women and make them want...

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