Happy Couple

7 ways Couples can build stronger relationships

Heard once the right relationship will have you think you reached heaven and a wrong one will have you think you are in hell....
Wedding Reception tips

5 important tips for an unforgettable wedding reception

Some have dreamt and visioned their weddings since they were little boys and girls, this is the day that happens once and everyone wants...
happy couple

The type of women who deserve your loyalty for life

They say we only miss the sun when it gets cold, only know you have been high when you feeling low, only know your...

Women that men don’t want to marry

Marriage is a life long commitment, it is the fear of marrying the wrong partner that scares most men about commitment. Till death do...
After s.e.x,

Why Women Should Initiate S.E.X

Society and culture have to an extent messed things for us, a confident woman s.e.xually sadly has never been celebrated. Men end-up searching for...
foods goos for sexual health

Foods that can give you better orga$m

Are you trying to spice up your? S3x is a healthy part of a relationship. It forms an intimate bond between you and your...

Dodgy names your Cheating partners use to save your number

We all have at some point saved the name of our partners under aliases most especially when one wants to hide the identity of...
fertility foods

How to boost your sp3rm count and s3men volume

Infertility is a problem amongst many, there is a need to be informed on how to prevent or remedy this. In men, infertility is...

Signs You Are A S.E.X Addict

Some call it hypers.e.xuality some just s.e.xual addiction, whatever you choose to call most can help but wonder if its a real thing or...
waist trainer

Are Waist Trainers A Scam?

Sometimes trends lead us to follow and buy what they say is good for us but have we really stopped to assess the products...

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