Pregnant women, Covid-19

Pregnancy during lockdown means terror to young moms

Scared, anxious and disappointed. This is how pregnant women and new moms are feeling after having to endure Covid-19 protocols that have been put in...
Genital warts

7 facts about genital warts you should know

Really, if you give serious thoughts to such things, you would never ever have unprotected s.e.x again. In fact, you would choose to abstain. Genital...
Rec Centre

Rec centers(gyms) preparing for exacting returning under level 2

Following four months, wellness devotees will before long have the option to work out in the rec center again under loosened up level 2...
stretch marks after pregnancy

Dealing with stretch marks after pregnancy

This happens as the belly is rapidly expanding to accommodate a growing baby. So the skin is put under pressure to expand. Stretch marks...
Pregnant women, Covid-19

A personal experience on giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic

The birth of a baby is difficult in every aspect, whether logistics or health. Living under lockdown in the middle of a pandemic is...
Generosity Long Life

Study: Generosity will prolong your life

Washington D.C. - People who're beneficiant or the ones are in for sharing greater might also additionally stay longer, in step with a observe...
chloroquine covid 19 treatment

Those slamming Trump over chloroquine should remember AIDS-medication wars

After President Trump noted in March that an anti-malarial drug had shown some success in treating COVID-19, according to reports from clinicians, his opponents slammed...
covid 19, corona virus

Should You Use A Bandana Or A Scarf As A Face Mask When You...

As cases of novel coronavirus continue to rise across the U.S., public health are finally beginning to urge people to wear fabric face masks in public...

Survey launched to find out Covid-19’s effect on health workers

Just how severely does Covid-19 affect health workers? This is a key question in a joint study between the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the...
Male contraceptive

Male contraceptive that blocks sp3rm from leaving the pen!s being developed

The yet to be named drug, being developed by researchers at the Monash University, said to be 100 percent effective, will likely be ready...

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