Rec Centre

Rec centers(gyms) preparing for exacting returning under level 2

Following four months, wellness devotees will before long have the option to work out in the rec center again under loosened up level 2...
Apple fitness

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away: Apple Fitness

As the coronavirus pandemic pushed a huge number of sports lovers to go to wellness applications to practice inside, Apple is supposedly intending to...

Who is Stella Immanuel and why is she talking about demon s.e.x?

US President Donald Trump has a new favourite doctor. On July 27, the president and his son Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted a viral video featuring...
Weed, Covid-19, Weed Might Reduce COVID-19 Lung Inflammation

Scientists Discover Weed Might Reduce COVID-19 Lung Inflammation

Scientists Discover Weed Might Reduce COVID-19 Lung Inflammation – Ultimately Reducing Susceptibility To The Disease As COVID-19 cases surge worldwide to a staggering 15 million,...
Pregnant women, Covid-19

New Study: Pregnant women can pass Covid-19 to their unborn babies

The evidence that pregnant women may pass the Covid-19 virus to their unborn babies is gaining momentum, with a new Italian study confirming the...
Covid-19, Sweden Survives European Coronavirus surge

SA needs to learn to live with coronavirus, says Prof Karim

Durban - Professor Salim Abdool Karim believes that South Africans need to learn to live with coronavirus. In an...
Yeast Infection

4 home remedies for v@ginal yeast infection

Yeast infections, caused by the fungus called Candida, are said to affect as many as eight out of 10 women. Garlic Garlic exhibits strong antifungal...
Pregnant women, Covid-19

Pregnancy during lockdown means terror to young moms

Scared, anxious and disappointed. This is how pregnant women and new moms are feeling after having to endure Covid-19 protocols that have been put in...
vag!na, s.e.x Health

What is a normal vag!na supposed to look like?

Many women are insecure about the way their vag!nas look and for the most part, many do not even know what constitutes 'normal'. We...
stretch marks after pregnancy

Dealing with stretch marks after pregnancy

This happens as the belly is rapidly expanding to accommodate a growing baby. So the skin is put under pressure to expand. Stretch marks...

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