Kenyan man posts emotional message to ex-girlfriend who blocked him

Despite being hurt, Bryan Tanui from the good county of Narok remains recovering from the pain of heartbreak. That has not deterred him from...

People with larger thighs and hips live longer, study suggests

  Photo: Courtesy Excess fat around the waist is linked to a higher risk of early death than overall body fat but larger hips and thighs are associated...
Financial choices and planning

Beware of slick ‘credit cheats’ out there

Long before the Covid-19 disruption started the govt (represented via the National Credit Regulator aka NCR) and financial Entities have continuously been warning consumers...
Why women live longer

Four reasons why women live longer than men

Traditionally, men are considered more vigorous gender. However, when it involves overall vitality and lifelong endurance, women win handily. According to the planet Health Organization,...
Personal Finance

Accident? Don’t panic – here’s all you need to know

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be nerve-wracking. In the heat of the moment, you could panic or forget simple details. Marius Neethling,...
Financial choices and planning

Financial choices and planning should be determined by your life goals

Why can we save, invest, and plan from a financial perspective? Ultimately, it's to create a nest egg that will at some point allow...
Generosity Long Life

Study: Generosity will prolong your life

Washington D.C. - People who're beneficiant or the ones are in for sharing greater might also additionally stay longer, in step with a observe...
Marjane Satrapi

Female director declines all benefits and penalties based simply on her body.

I WON'T PLAY 'NICE'. This director declines all benefits as well as penalties based simply on her body, composes. Marjane Satrapi may not be a household...
unhealthy foods

10 foods to avoid for a healthier you

IT'S anything but difficult to get befuddled about which food is good for you solid and which is definitely not. Staying away from specific...
Rec Centre

Rec centers(gyms) preparing for exacting returning under level 2

Following four months, wellness devotees will before long have the option to work out in the rec center again under loosened up level 2...

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