8 Popular Diets That Are Bad For Your Health

It is essential to stay healthy and in shape, which is why so many people try diets every year. But not all diets are...

Drinking alcohol protects brain health

A new study follows that latter line, reporting that up to a certain point, drinking alcohol may help protect brain function as we age. The...
women that men don’t want to marry

5 women that men don’t want to marry

For many men, these categories of girls are quite unappealing: 1. Bossy babe Women like this just can’t help it. They order your steps, want to...
Dating Married men

Bury myth of ‘homewrecker’ and ‘husband-stealer’ woman

The first and only person the wife must hold accountable for cheating on her is her husband Women, instead of seeing a cheating man for...
Vera Chambashi, Sexual addiction,

I Could M@sturbate 16 Times A Day And Struggled With The Addiction

I COULD M@STURBATE 16 TIMES each day AND STRUGGLED WITH THE ADDICTION FOR 13 YEARS” This 19-year-old girl has overcome m@sturbation addiction which started at...
disappointed meme

The Audacity: Man Steals His Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring To Propose To Side Chick

Some people can cross all boundaries and do the unthinkable just to impress their lovers. Such is that the case of a Florida man...

Kenyan man posts emotional message to ex-girlfriend who blocked him

Despite being hurt, Bryan Tanui from the good county of Narok remains recovering from the pain of heartbreak. That has not deterred him from...

People with larger thighs and hips live longer, study suggests

  Photo: Courtesy Excess fat around the waist is linked to a higher risk of early death than overall body fat but larger hips and thighs are associated...
Financial choices and planning

Beware of slick ‘credit cheats’ out there

Long before the Covid-19 disruption started the govt (represented via the National Credit Regulator aka NCR) and financial Entities have continuously been warning consumers...
Why women live longer

Four reasons why women live longer than men

Traditionally, men are considered more vigorous gender. However, when it involves overall vitality and lifelong endurance, women win handily. According to the planet Health Organization,...

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