Donald Trump, 2020 Elections

Trump Dares Iran to Attack

‘They have assassinated people in Europe and in other parts of the planet .’ US President Donald Trump on Monday vowed that any attack by...
9/11 memorial

9/11 Memorial Amidst Covid-19 Crisis

Anniversary remains synonymous with New York’s heroism, resilience. With crime on the increase, shops and apartments increasingly vacant and homeless people on the sidewalks, NY...

Who is Stella Immanuel and why is she talking about demon s.e.x?

US President Donald Trump has a new favourite doctor. On July 27, the president and his son Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted a viral video featuring...

Trump Finally Wears Mask For First Time??

“I’ve never been against masks but I do believe they have a time and a place,” says Trump as he changes tone on wearing...
Kanye West Urinates On Grammy

What President Donald Trump Had to Say About Kanye West Running for Office

Kanye West was one of President Donald Trump's most vocal celebrity supporters -- and now he could become his opponent. In an interview with RealClearPolitics on Tuesday, Trump was asked...
TB Joshua Warns Trump

”More Trouble Is Coming End Of June” TB Joshua Warns Trump

TB Joshua Warns Trump Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has sent a coded message to US President Donald Trump via his official Facebook Page, warning him...

#OBAMAGATE Trump attacks Obama

President Trump on Sunday intensified his criticism of former President Obama by tying him to the Michael Flynn investigation and blasting his predecessor's recent criticism aimed at his administration's coronavirus response. Last week, Attorney...
COVID-19 Cover up

Is There A COVID-19 Cover Up?

Believe it or not, in these trying times some organisations seem to be looking for ways to make a profit as they have been...

Doctors Confirm That Trump’s “Hydroxychloroquine” Has Cured Over 90% Coronavirus Patients In Research

A few months ago President Donald Trump was ridiculed for suggesting that Hydroxychloroquine was a miracle drug from heaven as it had shown signs...
Trump, Tiktok ban

US says ‘significant evidence’ coronavirus came from China lab

While some individual states have already filed lawsuits against China, the administration of US President Donald Trump is reportedly considering measures against Beijing for...

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