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Fake whiskey

Shocking Ingredients Used To Make Fake Whiskeys

As the scourge of fake whiskeys, gins, vodkas and other spirits continues across the country, imbibers will be shocked to learn of some of...
Seh Calaz and Moira

Seh Calaz Deactivates Social Media Accounts As Breakup Gets Nasty…. Leaves Moira Breathing Fire

Seh Calaz Deactivates Social Media Accounts…. Leaves Moira Breathing Fire Not only did Zim Dancehall singer Seh Calaz check out of his now ex-wife, Moira’s...
Zim Celebs Break Ups

PICS: Zim Celebs Breakups In 2020

When it comes to Zim celeb couples, it appears as if they have a different set of rules and guidelines when it comes to...
Mimie Moana

Watch: Drama As Mimie Moana Blasts Sister For Speaking To Dj Towers

Fitness bunny/video vixen babe  Mimie Moana blasted her young sister known as Tats on her Instagram live in full view of their fans over...
Acie Lumumba, Acie Lumumba New Mercedes Benz

Acie Lumumba Resurfaces, Shows Off Brand New Mercedes Benz

Many people in Zimbabwe are still asking themselves where their favorite socialite has been hiding, some had even suggested that the politician left the...
Misred, #ZimbabweanLivesMatter,

“I Let Us Down”: Misred Profoundly Apologises

Bubbly media personality, Misred has apologised for the comments she made about the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement during an interview with a Ghanaian radio station. The vivacious radio...

Exotic Dancer Bev Sibanda Opens Up On Hardships

Queen of dance and leader of the Sexy Angels dance troupe, Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda has opened up on the hardships that people...
Passion Java, Passion Java Mugabe's House, Twabam

Prophet Passion Java ‘Twabam’ Dubbed Comedian by another Prophet

A video of what seems like another man of the cloth attacking the Zimbabwean US-based prophet, Passion Java, has since gone viral on social...
Pokello, Pokello US$1,5million bust

About Pokello Nare And The US$1.5 m Cash Bust

Socialite and self-proclaimed Queen of Swagger, Pokello Nare has fired back following allegations that she was busted with US$1.5 million cash by the Zimbabwe...
Pokello, Pokello US$1,5million bust

Pokello Denies Bleaching Claims, Produces Old Pics To Prove She is Natural

Socialite Pokello Nare has denied claims that she bleaches her skin arguing that she is a ‘natural yellow bone.’ Pokello went further to justify her...

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