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' This is the start of chilling revelations whichnewzimbabwevision has received from reliable senior CIO figures who are tired...
Ginimbi Rolls Royce

Is the Rolls Royce Really a Safe Car, after Ginimbi Horror Car Crash

Rolls Royce Safety Questioned Following Ginimbi Horror Car Crash Following the Horrific death of socialite Genius Kadungure and three others during a car accident, Zimbabweans...
mimie moana

Watch: Mimie Moana Prophesy Her Death

Hours after the socialite, video vixen and fitness bunny Michelle Amuli, popularly known as Mimi Moana died in a fatal accident along with flamboyant...
Mimie Moana

Socialite Mimie Moana dies with Ginimbi after birthday party

Mimie Moana was nothing short of a breathe of fresh air. She might as well have been one of the most talented socialites out...
Ginimbi's death, Ginimbi passes away, Ginimbi last moments

Gone too soon, Zim’s Playboy Ginimbi last moments [Pics + Video]

Popularly known for the flamboyant lifestyle, Ginimbi aka Genius Kadungure, was arguable one of the most successful young millionares in Zimbabwe. He made headlines...
Sam Mtukudzi, Oliver Mtukudzi

Sam Mtukudzi: Silent forever

IN the early hours of Monday March 15, 2010, a young vibrant voice fell silent. Sam Mtukudzi died during a car crash while travelling...
Passion Java fries eggs on Lamborghini.

Prophet Passion Java fries eggs using the engine of a Lamborghini.

Flamboyant and PR savvy prophet Passion Java demonstrated the way to cook an egg using the engine of a Lamborghini. Prophet or rather Chef Passion...
The Ladies' Reaction to Tino Chinyane's shirtless photos

The Ladies’ Reaction to Tino Chinyane’s shirtless photos

South Africa based model as well as media character Tino Chinyani is being utilized as a poster kid for just how society has double...
Tsitsi Dangarembga

Tsitsi Dangarembga: Celebrated by the world, detained in Zimbabwe

Tsitsi Dangarembga, front, and also Julie Barnes, behind her, protesting against corruption in Harare on July 31 this year. In the run-up to the July...

Tino Chinyani Savages Mudiwa After Rapper Shows Off Bedroom

Tino Chinyani Savages Mudiwa After Rapper Shows Off Bedroom SA based Zimbabwean media personality and model, Tino Chinyani has...

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