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Mwizukanji sponsored Yo Maps’s music and looked after him for over 4 years while...

Mwizukanji owns the vehicles that Yo Maps has been using to fery prostitutes to and from lodges Little did...
PR Girl Media Covid-19 guidelines, Mutale Mwanza positive for Covid-19, Macky 2 covid-19

Mutale Mwanza, Macky II Positive for Covid-19 few days after PR Girl’s Lusaka July

Few days after Lusaka July bad news broke about the star-studded PR Girl Event. It is said that many of the celebs who were...

Watch: How Mutale Mwanza Graced Lusaka July

Lusaka July has always been the creme de la Creme of events in Lusaka as celebrities and everybody who is somebody in Lusaka would...
Spax, Spax mining

Spax Humbled from Gangster to Police Informant to save his own skin?

AN investigations officer has narrated to the Kitwe High Court how he received a docket of murder for investigation and he later learnt that...
Zakes Bantwini and wife Nandi Madida

Zakes Bantwini and wife Nandi Madida to cancel marriage contract

Zakes Bantwini has disclosed that he and his wife Nandi Madida mistakenly became part of a wrong marital relationship contract. The power pair are set...

Macky 2 Declined to Release Muzo’s Album in 2015, New Evidence Reveals

Muzo AKA Alphonso and his relationship with his former label Alpha Entertainments has been the topic of discussion on social media lately....

PF to field Iris Kaingu as its Parliamentary candidate in Mwandi constituency

PF to field Iris Kaingu as its Parliamentary candidate in Mwandi constituency The PF...
Aunty Milly, Aunty Milly and Hubby, Aunty Milly Zambia

The 101 On Aunty Milly & Hubby

Aunty Milly The Reputation Aunty Milly is now almost a Zambian household name and she is known for quite a lot of controversy. Gorgeous and...

VIDEO: Special message to HH as I return from Godfather – Seer 1

The controversial Seer 1 is back at it again and this time he has a prophecy for Zambia Opposition UPND presidential candidate, Hakainde Hichilema...
Iris Kaingu Sister Married, Kaingu sister wedding, Kaingu sisters

Iris Kaingu’s Sister gets Married [PICS]

Good winds seem to have befallen our beloved Kaingu family. One of the Kaingu ladies has tied the knot with one lucky Mr Banda. After...

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