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Zodwa Wabantu Kiss Ben10

Young love: Zodwa Wabantu and Ben 10 Unstoppable

If you think the public outrage about Zodwa Wabantu prying on little boys is going to stop her and new bae's love, you must...
Zodwa Wabantu

Why Zodwa Wabantu Craves Younger “Energetic” Men

The way Zodwa Wabantu seems to crave for younger men is quite interesting and also disturbing. Trying to understand it one may assume older...

The Gorgeous Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier Crowned Miss South Africa

SASHA-LEE LAUREL is quite an impressive young lady, not only because of her beautiful looks and body, but also because of what she stands...
Vanessa Matsena

Crushing On Vanessa Matsena

Every now and then you bump into a person who leaves statement or impact that lasts. This is the case with this bombshell. This...
Alicia Vonl

The Baddest White girl in Mzansi, Alicia Vonl

Alicia Vonl also known as Qhubeka Londeka has to be one of the baddest girls in South Africa. She rants and twerks like Cardi...

Zodwa Wabantu- My Schedule too busy for Marriage

The renowned socialite, entertainer, and bootilicious dancer Zodwa Wabantu shared her new year plans and it seems all business, marriage is nowhere in sight....

Bonang Queening and we love it!

Bonang Matheba is always winning and we just can not get enough of her. From being a TV presenter to owning her own reality...
Fath Nketsi

If S.e.x.y Was A Person…

It is hard for our attention not to be stolen by this Mzansi Sauce, I'm talking about Faith Nketsi, As far as socialites go...

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