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Brown Mauzo dating Vera Sidika

Kenyans warn Brown Mauzo for dating Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is claimed to be dating artiste Brown Mauzo after dumping Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa like rancid porridge. The two are sharing videos driving...
Healing after s.e.xual assault, Brenda Jons

Healing after s.e.xual assault with Brenda Jons

Online comedianne Brenda Jons has started a foundation to help victims of rape. Talking to the media, the star who made headlines with her ‘Plezdent...
Tanasha Donna, Hamisa Mobetto

Baby Mama love! Hamisa posts Tanasha Donna and son

Hamisa Mobetto was involved in dressing Tanasha Donna in her new music video ‘Liar.’ The two celebrities have left tongues wagging with their friendship...
Kamene Goro

‘My whole world crashed,’ Kamene Goro on bursting her cheating husband

Voluptuous Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has narrated how her perfect world came crumbling down after she found out her ex husband was...

‘Let me marry all of you and all your brothers’ Akothee

Days after saying that she hopes to get married before the year ends, Akothee President of single mothers seems to have had a change...
Shilole, Gender Based Violence

My ex husband once beat me till I fainted’ Shilole on abusive marriage

Months after publicly admitting to being a victim of domestic abuse Tanzanian actress Shilole has revealed why her husband Uchebe beat her up. According to...
Betty Kyalo

Reactions As Betty Kyalo Reveals Her Political Ambitions

News anchor Betty Kyalo continues to make her political ambitions clear as 2022 nears. Kyalo, who has mentioned several times that she will switch to politics once...
Kenya Celeb Couples

Kenya Top Celebs Couple Goals

We love to see our fave celebrity couples as they show us their lives on social media, however being a celebrity is not the...
Wema Sepetu

‘I lost so much weight trying to conceive, unfortunately everything failed,’ Wema Sepetu

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Septu has said one of the reasons she stopped trying to conceive is because she got an infection. Wema had traveled...
Esma, Diamond's sister

Diamond sister, Esma, talks about two co-wives after bagging 3rd wife title

Diamond’s sister Esma, has confirmed that she and her husband fell in love a month before they tied the knot. Esma, however, said she and...

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