Man Gets Revenge on Crocodile

Ugandan Man Gets Revenge on a Crocodile Which Devoured Pregnant Wife

Batumbuze, a fisherman, explains, “The crocodile ate my wife entirely. Nothing was ever seen of her again – no clothes, no a part of...
Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon makes wifes bums big

Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon On why he made his wife’s bums Bigger

Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon , Dr Obengfo explains why he made his wife’s bums bigger Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon , Dr. Dominic Kwame Obeng-Andoh has taken to...
Slay Queen's Nude Bush Photo Shoot

VIDEO: Slay Queen’s N.u.d.e Bush Photo Shoot Goes wrong after Ant Attack

Some women are busily toiling to earn a living,others prefer to use their bodies to make money rather than work. This is why a video...
Women gang r@pe man

Women gang r@pe man for 3 consecutive days, fed him with energy drink

A gang of women kidnapped a man and r@ped him for three days while force-feeding him energy drinks, police said. The victim, 23, was found traumatized and...
Zimbabwean national sought over murder

Girl Pleads With Magistrate to not Jail Boyfriend Convicted Of R@ping Her

Such is that the case with a woman from Beitbridge who pleaded with a magistrate to not jail her boyfriend who had been convicted...

[Sensitive Pics] Mother Killer Who decapitated her head for ritual purposes Caught

South Africa - A man was caught with a human head believed to be his mother's after the police were tipped off at girlfriend's...
Pastor Sylvester Ofori

Video Surfaces of Pastor Sylvester Ofori threatening to kill his now late wife

A Ghanaian pastor based in the U.S, Sylvester Ofori, has been arrested for murdering his wife, Barbara Tommey, outside her workplace. Barbara has gone back...
Thief Made to eat raw Chicken

Drama Unfolds As Angry Mob Forces Chicken Thief To Eat It Raw

A rather astonishing development, a thief who was caught red-handed with a stolen chicken he had hid inside his jacket was forced to eat...
Python Bites Teen's Pen!s

Nightmare: Python Bites Teen’s Pen!s While Using the restroom.

Nightmare: Python Bites Teen's pen!s While Using the restroom. A Thai teen lived out every man's worst nightmare after a snake sunk its fangs into his...
Brothers Steal Corpse

Chaos As Brothers Steal Corpse From Mortuary

The Mutambara community in Manicaland remains in shock after three brothers savagely assaulted their uncle to death before happening to steal his corpse from...

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