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Cassper trends on AKA’s #ReebokMustFall

AKA and Cassper beef, Cassper, AKA

The Cassper Vs AKA beef is not going away any time soon for the artists, neither for the fans. It seems anything any of these artists do ends up looping in the other for a d!ck measuring contest.

Earlier AKA shared on his social media feed how things went south with his deal with Reebok. This immediately sparked a #ReebokMustFall tag by the AKA fans as they felt these corporates doing SuperMega wrong. I should have known, it was just a matter of time till Cassper got looped into it.

It’s not far fetched to assume some of AKA and Cassper Fans are the same fans they just switch with who is winning, who is taking Ls if you ask me. Nevertheless, it’s a healthy competition and good for both brands.

Cassper was mostly applauded for his business and deal-making skills as he hardly takes Ls in endorsement deals. Here are some of the sentiments echoed by Cassper/AKA fans regarding the AKA failed deal.

A Simple conclusion one might draw from both AKA and Cassper fans is that Cassper is a good businessman and AKA is a good artist.

Let us know what you think about both artists’ strengths and weaknesses.


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