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Cassper Responds To Alleged S.e.x Tape!

Cassper, Electricity Bill

A video clip containing material of a s.e.xual nature, which has surfaced on social media, had many shooketh and thinking that their eyes were playing tricks on them as they thought the man who was captured on it, was SA’s award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest.

Many mocked Cassper saying his s.e.x tape has been leaked as the man who appears on it had many saying he bears a striking resemblance to that of him.

The s.e.x tape featured a man and women, who could be seen engaging in a s.e.xual act. Some were quick to defend the rapper, by saying it is not him.

Cassper took to Twitter to set the records straight and confirmed that it was not him. The musician even joked that the lockdown must come to an end because peeps are doing silly things.

The rapper’s response left many in stitches and breathing a sigh of relief that it was not him. Imagine how that content can ruin one’s reputation and career abruptly, we are all glad it was not him otherwise things would have been bad by now.

Peeps make sure y’all don’t do funny things there at home, practice social distancing please LOL!


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