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Cassper On Why He Rises Above Petty Twars #AKAVsSizwe

Cassper, Electricity Bill

Anything to do with AKA SuperMega is sure to get Cassper dragged in by tweeps. Often times he manages to dodge and avoid being involved.

After yesterday’s #AKAVsSizwe Twar fans were sure to poke at Cassper for him to weigh in. It was the same thing when AKA launched his #AKATV fans were quick to probe a reaction from Cassper.

Cassper ended up calling AKA TV “Filth” regardless of its success. Back to #AKAVsSizwe Sizwe had been poking at AKA the past week over failed AKA Reebok Deal, AKA was sure to hit back poking fun at Sizwe’s fashion choice and boy did he lose it.

On several attempts by fans to drag Cassper to get involved the rapper made it clear that wasn’t his style. It even angered some of his fans who feel AKA is always poking at him and he never responds.

What AKA seems to understand is he is a brand and how he carries himself impacts deals and corporates he endorses…it does make business sense come to think of it.

Could it be his rival lost the AKA Reebok deal because he was a little reckless with how he carried himself? However, AKA wouldn’t be SuperMega if he was too careful, that’s why most love and hate him at the same time…it works.

This should be interesting…

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