Cassper on not backing out – “I got paid for a service”

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Cassper is definitely not backing out as he is standing on his right.

This is coming after the star took over The Braai Show from AKA and AKA wants him fired.

The Super Mega was the first host of the show and he wants Cassper Nyovest elbowed from the show.

Through his lawyers, AKA claims that this appointment was made behind his back and was not informed.

He also wants to be credited as the Executive Producer of the show, “…appropriate credits as the executive producer of the show.”

AKA then threatens to have the show’s premier halted, “To demand that you provide an undertaking to cease the scheduled airing of the show on 8 September, as the tweet disseminated on the SABC’s Twitter page on Monday 9 August.”

Cassper on the other hand is arguing that he owns the title of Executive Producer.

In addition, Cassper alleges that they have already shot a lot of episodes and that he has already been paid.

“Let me tell you something #TheBraaiShowWithCass is gonna start playing September 8th on Sabc 1, there will be noise for 2 weeks from his fans saying I suck, then the show is gonna blow up and ima cash out. If he owns it he woulda stopped the show from airing. It’s not happening.

He then laughed at the fact that he is being sued, “Lol.. Nawe you can sue me tomorrow for answering your tweet & make up the amount that u think I owe u and make headlines. Until you win the case in court, o bua Moya fela. People are just making senseless noise. Nothing is being stopped everything is still going as planned.”

“I am in no way attached to anything here. I got paid for a service. I delivered a service and I damn well enjoyed shooting #TheBraaiShowWithCass. It is shot already, I got paid already. It’s funny looking at people arguing about something that’s done,” Cassper claims.

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