Cassper Accuses Hotel Staff Of Stealing His Playstation

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If you’re a Cassper Nyovest fan, you’ll know he’s big (and seriously competitive) on gaming…

So much so that he even takes his Playstation with him on the road, just to sneak in some time to play one of his favourite games – Fifa!

Unfortunately for Cass, the realities of living in South Africa – crime and all – cost him his most precious hobby.

Cassper took to Twitter to reveal his “heartbreak” at not only having left his Playstation behind at a hotel in Bloemfontein, but suspecting someone stole it too.

He tweeted; “Lost my playstation on Friday in Bloemfontein. Only noticing now. I know I won’t get it back cause the Staff at Protea Willow Lake woulda reported by now but since they haven’t, i must just forget. That’s why i prefer to rent houses and not hotels. Such heartbreak”.

And when one fan suggested he call the hotel to inquire about lost & found items, Cassper claimed he did, to no avail, leading him to believe that someone had indeed pocketed his Playstation.

“I did call. They said they didn’t have anything reported at lost and found. Meaning they shayad [stole] it.” he responded.

Gamers, like Cassper, felt his pain…

Others laughed over his ‘nice life problems’…

Meanwhile the Protea Hotel group have yet to respond to Cassper’s allegations.

Askies Cassper! The good news is that you’re rich enough to purchase the new PS5 set for release in 2020.


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