Cassie, Diddy’s Former Girlfriend, Accuses Rapper of Rape and Physical Abuse

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Cassie, the former partner of well-known American rapper and music mogul Sean Combs, known as Diddy, has accused him of rape and prolonged physical abuse over nearly a decade.

In a lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, the singer, who was previously signed to Diddy’s record label, alleged that he supplied her with drugs, subjected her to physical assaults, and coerced her into having sexual encounters with multiple male individuals while he recorded these incidents.

The lawsuit also claims that in 2018, toward the end of their relationship, Diddy forcibly entered her residence and sexually assaulted her.

Diddy’s legal representative, Ben Brafman, vehemently refuted these allegations, stating that the rapper strongly denies these “offensive and outrageous” claims. Brafman disclosed that Cassie had initially demanded $30 million from Diddy, purportedly to refrain from publishing a book about their relationship. However, this demand was firmly declined as an act of clear extortion.

Brafman further clarified that although Cassie withdrew her initial threat, she has now resorted to initiating a lawsuit filled with unsubstantiated and extreme falsehoods, aiming to damage Mr. Combs’s reputation and seek financial gain.

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