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Casanova Explains Why He Hasn’t Requested Jay-Z For Help With RICO Case



Casanova doesn’t need to ask for assist from Jay-Z since the rap rich person has executed so much for him already.

The New York rapper could be in the back of bars, however he’s nonetheless taking the time to replace enthusiasts and touch upon problems within the track business, together with calls by way of enthusiasts for him to invite for assist from his mentor and boss, Jay-Z.

On Tuesday, Casanova took day trip to answer enthusiasts who’ve been urgent him to invite for Jay-Z’s assist with Racketeer Influenced, and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) fees he’s at this time going through.

Jay-Z is understood for his social justice reforms and speak to to motion for other folks incarcerated. Just Tuesday, the rapper’s Team Roc division of Roc Nation wrote a letter to a federal pass judgement on asking him to check an inmate who was once incarcerated for marijuana ownership for two decades and whose unlock date was once driven again as a result of he was once stuck sneaking fried rooster from the mess corridor to his cellular.

Jay-Z has, then again, no longer intervened in Casanova’s case in spite of serving to others prior to now, specifically 21 Savage’s after his immigration fees and arrest.

Casanova, who was once signed to Roc Nation in 2016, was once charged with tried homicide in November 2021 and has been in the back of bars since. However, he says Jay-Z has executed sufficient for him, and he gained’t be inquiring for extra assist.

“Stop asking me what JAY-Z is doing for me,” he wrote. “He did enough already, he gave me a shot.”

Casanova was once responding to his enthusiasts wondering why he hadn’t requested Jay-Z for assist getting out of prison. Still, he additionally gave the impression in a reflective temper as he commented on Roddy Ricch’s reaction to a Compton Crip’s declare that he was once “false flagging” and praised the 23-year-old rapper for his choice to keep away from the hoods.

Casanova perceived to take the facet of Roddy, who spoke about getting out of the hood so he can assist others however staying out of it, so he doesn’t have problems.

“N-GGAS WANT @RoddyRicch to be in the hood so he can end up like me lol,” he wrote. “Man fuck that shit @RoddyRicch keep making that 20 million a year, it beats shooting the wrong video in the hood, and shit go left. I hope that don’t go over your head.”

Casanova additionally had the time to answer the backward and forward between Florida rappers Kodak Black and Jackboy. Kodak was once lately charged for trespassing, however it’s unclear if that has the rest to do with Jackboy.

“IDK WHAT @KodakBlack1k AND @Jackboy DID TO EACHOTHER BUT I WISH THEY COULD SQUASH THINGS AND COME BACK TOGETHER,” Casanova stated as the 2 rapper’s red meat threatened to spill over into one thing worse.

Casanova lately lamented that he could possibly be house together with his circle of relatives if his RICO case was once appeared into.

Last October, he had requested enthusiasts for assist in proving his innocence.

His supervisor launched a observation by way of Instagram on his behalf which learn: “I’ve been incarcerated for almost one year now, exhausted all remedies and spent a significant amount of money on legal fees to prove my innocence. The charges against me are false, they don’t represent or reflect the person that I am.”

The NY rapper added in his observation, “I’m calling on all the great people with meaningful and powerful voices to help me with this matter. If there’s anything you can do to help whether if it’s contacting my legal attorney to see that I played NO role in this case or having a private investigator look into actual role and not the alleged accusations against me.”

Casanova has pleaded no longer to blame to the costs and is looking forward to trial.