Cardi B Send Prayers To Haiti After Devastating Earthquake “They My Cousins”

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Cardi B is sharing her solidarity with the people of Haiti following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hitting the small island nation, which is the first Black republic in the world.

On Saturday, Cardi B, like so many of us, reacted to news of death and destruction following the massive earthquake hitting the country. The earthquake occurred around 7:30 AM and was felt in Cuba and parts of Jamaica.

Videos from out of Haiti show citizens searching for people in the rubble of what were once buildings that stood tall. Cardi was sympathetic to their pain.

“I got a soft spot for Haiti and [its] people. They my cousins,” she posted on her Twitter account. “I pray for Haiti they go thru soo much…God please cover that land and its people,” the rapper said with praying emojis.

Cardi B has been a staunch supporter of the people of Haiti over the years. Earlier this year, she threw her support behind the radical #FreeHaiti movement as the country underwent a constitutional crisis.

Many Haitians were demanding the resignation of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, who was supported by the United States government, who they accused of trying to establish a new dictatorship while the country was recovering from economic hardships brought on by natural disasters. This has led to the state of the country deteriorating as the violence grew out of control.

Meanwhile, the issues in Haiti took a turn for the worse when Moïse was assassinated last month. Moise was backed by U.S lawmakers that insisted his term of office ended in 2022 rather than in February 2021 since he was elected in 2015 for a term of five years. His wife survived the attack and, after recovery, has signaled her intention to run for President.

The President of Haiti was assassinated at his residence by a group of 28 skilled foreign mercenaries.

Cardi B pregnant | @iamcardib IG

Meanwhile, Cardi B’s relationship with Haiti is not literal but rather more figurative due to her Dominican Republican heritage. Haiti and Dom Rep share the same land space, which is divided by boundaries. However, the Black and Spanish-speaking country have been at violent odds over the years as more Haitians migrate to Dominican Rep in search of a better life.


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