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Cardi B & Offset’s buy another multi-million dollar house

Cardi B & Offset

It is always nice and also everyone’s dream to be able to buy a multimillion-dollar property. well for Cardi B and Offset that is no longer a dream but a reality. Cardi B the  27-year-old rap star practically filmed every inch of the recent purchase of their fancy new mansion in the posh, suburban neighborhood of Buckhead in Atlanta. Cardi B gave the rundown on why she liked specific features in the house. Her husband Offset was by her side, chiming in every so often.

cardi revealed that she and her husband had been searching for a perfect home for two years.   Although Cardi gave every other detail about the house, she did not reveal the one thing many fans wanted to know – the cost. However, according to Variety, the estate likely cost somewhere around $5.8 million. Although the final price that the couple paid is not available to public knowledge, the property was last listed at $5.795 million. According to records that are available to the public, Atlanta chiropractor Dr. Rick Kuhlman reportedly sold the property to Cardi and Offset.