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Cardi B Gets Trump-Supporting Teen Arrested For Leaking where she stays

Cardi B faces defamation lawsuit

It’s election year, and the Award-winning rapper Cardi B has been very outspoken about her support of the Democratic Candidate. She was also advocating for Bernie Sanders when he was still campaigning, and now that Joe Biden has become her new prospect, she is publicly showing him support.

Sadly for Cardi, Trump supporters are running rampant, and that they play dirty like their party leader. While Cardi has learned to affect negative comments and plots to finish her as a status an icon, she says there was one thing she couldn’t let slide, and that’s when a Trump supporter exposed her home.

“They will be making fun of me,” said Cardi about Trump supporter’s reaction to her involvement in politics. “I ignore them. I don’t provide a f**k. Let me tell you something. Sh*t gets so intense that a Trump-supporter posted my address and encouraged people to dox my home and place my house ablaze. I hired a personal investigator and serve them with a warrant and arrest this boy. This boy was a f***ing teenager. His parents were shaken.”


Throughout her campaign, Cardi B has remained unapologetic about her political stance. Though many political debates and Republican advisers such as Candace Owens have said a lot of things about the rapper, yet she has not wavered in her purpose. “It is no secret I exploit my platform to encourage people to vote,” Cardi B said. “I love politics… Today, Candace Owens said some nasty things about me.” She added that she would also use her platform to form many people leave and vote.

When Candace’s claims that Joe Biden only sat down for an interview together with her to pander the black community, Cardi shared an image of Trump n the Oval Office surrounded by a gaggle of black folks who appear to be praying for him as if they were at an altar. “This what PANDERING seems like,” she wrote alongside the photo. “I will never praise any politician, not even Obama, FDR, or Bernie ONLY THE LORD! this is often how Trump panders with black people while Candice concerns how Joe panders with me.”

Cardi B has indeed gotten won’t to naysayers chiming in whenever she features a political opinion. Cardi once offered to “dog walk” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren when she patronized her on social media for talking about politics. Does one think Cardi’s efforts and every one the crap she is taking will all be worth it? Will her endorsement convert to real votes?