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Cape Town tremor unrelated to offshore quake, says Council for Geoscience


CAPE TOWN – The earthquake felt in Cape Town and surrounding spaces within the Western Cape in a while after 8.30pm on Saturday evening used to be unrelated to the stable magnitude 6.2 earthquake about 1600km offshore of South Africa a twinkling of an eye previous, in line with the Council for Geoscience.

“The Council for Geoscience (CGS) can confirm that an earthquake occurred at 20:41 [8.41pm] on 26 September 2020,” the CGS stated in a remark posted on Facebook.

The earthquake registered a initial 2.5 at the native magnitude scale as recorded by way of the South African Seismograph Network. Many studies have been won from citizens of Cape Town who had reportedly skilled a tremor at round this time, the CGS stated.

The Council for Geoscience’s remark at the contemporary seismic match that came about within the Western cape house.

Posted by way of Council for Geoscience on Saturday, September 26, 2020

“It does not seem to be related to the earthquake that occurred at 19:10 [7.10pm] off the coast of South Africa.

“Furthermore, there was no tsunami caution issued by way of the Indian Ocean caution device, and it’s in this foundation that the CGS wish to guarantee the South African public that there’s no impending danger to the affected house, [as] such no reason for panic,” the council statement said.

Earlier, it was reported that a strong magnitude 6.2 earthquake off the south-eastern coast of South Africa shook Cape Town and other parts of the coastline soon after 8.30pm local time (GMT + 2) on Saturday night.

Residents all over the city reported feeling the quake, which severely rattled homes and other buildings for about three to four seconds.

According to official US earthquake websites, the quake occurred at 7.10pm at a depth of about 10km and about 1600km offshore, on the South-west Indian Ridge. No tsunami was expected.