“Cabinet Gives Green Light to Reevaluate Minimum Wage”

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“The Cabinet has given its approval to make some important changes. They want to revise the rules about how much money workers should get as the minimum wage and the conditions of their jobs. This decision comes after people from the government, workers’ groups, and employers’ groups all agreed during a meeting.

They talked about this after the 18th Cabinet Meeting on Monday, led by President Hakainde Hichilema. This information was shared with the media by Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

Mweetwa explained that they want to change the minimum wage to make sure that workers who earn the least get better conditions at work. They know that the cost of living is going up, and this affects how workers live.

Changing the rules about minimum wages is an important step to help workers, especially those with lower-paying jobs like domestic workers and shop workers. They want to make sure that the new minimum wage matches how much things cost now.

The Cabinet also said yes to new rules about National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) penalties for 2023. This is about a law that was changed in 2022. The new rules will help businesses by reducing how much they have to pay for not following the law about NAPSA.

The Cabinet also agreed to make three new laws. These are the Zambia Institute of Procurement and Supply Bill, 2023, the Zambia Institute of Architects Bill, 2023, and the Zambia Institute of Quantity Surveyors Bill, 2023. Each of these laws will make improvements in different work areas.

Lastly, the Cabinet said yes to a new agreement. This is about how goods are shipped in international trade. The government wants to make this process better and smoother.

All these approvals and new laws show that the government wants to make work better for people, help businesses, and make things easier in different work areas.”

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