“Business Anti-Corruption Committee Expands Its Anti-Corruption Initiatives to Muchinga Province with the Opening of a New Office”

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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Extends Its Reach to Muchinga Province, Enhancing the Fight Against Corruption

Henry Sikazwe, the Minister of Muchinga Province, has reaffirmed his dedication to creating a corruption-free Zambia and is optimistic about the positive impact of the ACC’s presence in the province in restoring integrity.

Mr. Sikazwe emphasized the numerous ongoing development projects in the province and highlighted the significance of the ACC’s role in ensuring efficient resource utilization.

During a meeting with an ACC delegation, Mr. Sikazwe emphasized the necessity of having the commission operating in the province. He acknowledged that in the past, accessing the ACC office required a cumbersome trip to Kasama. However, with the dawn of a new era, he credited President Hakainde Hichilema for bringing the ACC to the province. Given Muchinga’s status as a developing province with a multitude of activities, Mr. Sikazwe expressed the importance of the ACC’s presence.

Mr. Sikazwe stressed the need for the ACC’s presence in government institutions to restore integrity and promote accountability. He underscored the significance of educating individuals about accountability and the protection of the country’s integrity and resources through collaborative efforts. He also requested the ACC to implement programs in the province for raising awareness and sensitizing the public. Mr. Sikazwe acknowledged that the ACC’s presence might be seen as adversarial by some, highlighting the importance of awareness programs.

He stated, “If we actively engage with all eight districts, especially in schools, we can make significant progress. As a government, we pledge our full support to your efforts here. Muchinga is committed to the fight against corruption.”

Ireen Lamba, ACC’s Vice Chairperson, expressed her gratitude to the Minister for granting the Commission an audience. She shared the ACC’s goal of expanding its presence throughout the country and educating communities about the consequences and risks of corruption, in addition to implementing preventive measures to eliminate vulnerabilities. Ms. Lamba stressed the significance of the new ACC office in Muchinga in fulfilling the commission’s core responsibilities.

She stated, “We must collaborate as government entities to prevent corruption and move forward.”

Dr. Henry Mbushi, ACC Commissioner, emphasized that the commission’s presence in the province is intended to facilitate the fight against corruption.

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