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We have noted with shock and sadness the rate at which Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo is harrasing people. In as much as we agree that the fight against Covid-19 needs everyone on board, we must also appreciate the fact that there are ministries or indeed people responsible for certain duties.

Instead of Lusambo harassing our poor people who obviously are negatively hit by this pandemic and can not manage to buy face masks at K15 to K20 everyday, he must start distributing free face masks to people in public places and buses. These face masks are still expensive to our people in Chibolya, Maziopa, Chawama, Chainda, Ng’ombe , and many other places. So Bowman must stop harassing people and provide masks. Companies like Trade Kings and individuals have donated thousands of face masks, where are they, why is PF and Lusambo not giving them out for free to these poor people so they wear?

It’s sad that the PF government which Lusambo is part of do not seem to care for the poor citizens. If they did by now they would have put in measures to make sure everyone either access cheaper or free masks. Not long ago , we saw Bowman Lusambo and his PF donate goods worth millions to people just because there were a by-elections. Does it mean PF can only donate free stuffs where there is a by-elections?

We want to advise Lusambo to stop the nonsense of harassing people who have no face masks but instead provide them with masks. Jack Ma foundation, donated millions of masks, why is Lusambo choosing to harass people than giving them masks? Can we conclude that he has other intentions which maybe best known to himself? Lusambo must know that those masks do not belong to him or his PF but they belong to the people of Zambia!

Bowman must know his line of duty. He can not be taking duties of other ministries like those of Home Affairs. Instead of the ministry of Home Affairs enforcing the law, it’s Lusambo who have taken over and do whatever he wishes? Where is Kampyongo and ministry of Home affairs? Today Lusambo is arresting people and tomorrow he is acting like traffic officer, what’s going on? Where are officers from ministry of health and home affairs? Bowman must not over do it. Let the duties assigned to each ministry be dealt with the ministry responsible!

Lastly, we also want the PF through Lusambo since he wants to take over ministry of health duties to announce to the nation how much has been raised so far from all donations. Further, they must tell the nation how they are distributing these donations according to provinces and districts.

Anderson Banda
UPND Youth Chairperson in Charge of Politics
Lusaka Province

source: Zambian Observer

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