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Bowman Lusambo owns 49 properties in Lusaka on my own, with extra in Kabwe, Kitwe and Ndola



By Tenson Mkhala and Mwenya Mofya,

THE Anti-Corruption Commission has detained former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo in a question the place he’s being investigated for possessing belongings somewhat suspected to be proceeds of crime.

And News Diggers has learnt that the previous minister owns 49 properties in Lusaka on my own, with extra in Kabwe, Kitwe and Ndola.

“The investigation is over property believed to be proceeds of crime. When he was called he was being asked to explain how he owns the houses in question. So far it has been established that he owns 49 in Lusaka alone. So he was being asked to explain hose by house, but he was not cooperating. This is why he was even detained because he was basically just making noise during the interrogation. The questioning takes time and this is just in Lusaka, but he also has more houses in Kabwe, Kitwe and Ndola,” resources with regards to the investigation narrated.

Lusambo’s legal professional, Makebi Zulu, alternatively mentioned his shopper used to be detained with no price, including that the ACC used to be suggested to do this by way of some unknown other people.

Meanwhile, Lusambo says what he’s going thru is persecution.

Addressing reporters, Tuesday, ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe mentioned a warn and warning commentary were recorded from Lusambo, however that investigations within the topic have been ongoing.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission has today summoned former Lusaka Province Minister Mr Bowman Lusambo to appear before the Commission. This is in connection with an investigation which borders on allegations against Mr Lusambo for being in possession of properties reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime. Investigations into the matter are still on-going,” mentioned Chibwe.

And after present process a 7-hour lengthy interrogation, Lusambo, who arrived on the ACC headquarters on a bicycle, emerged within the corporate of investigations officials who escorted him to a police automobile.

Zulu advised reporters that his shopper used to be being detained with no price following some directions.

“Our client has been detained without a charge. The officers have informed us that they were instructed to detain him so he is being taken to Ridgeway police station, that’s where he will be detained then we will come back tomorrow but all the processes were finished, warn and caution statement was administered, we have a statement but the instructions are that he should not be released so we will proceed tomorrow,” mentioned Makebi.

Asked who used to be issuing such directions, he mentioned, “We don’t know, the officers kept going out and coming back, but…”

Meanwhile, Lusambo mentioned he used to be struggling persecution.

“The IMF is still there, we will continue suffering, all this you are seeing is persecution by Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s government but we are not going to stop talking,” mentioned Lusambo being being whisked away to a police automobile.

Lusambo is meant to reappear at 08:00 hours on Wednesday.

Credit: News Diggers