Bontle Modiselle’s post-baby body quite impressive

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Bontle Modiselle

It may be good genes, age-old traditions or just eating well, but whatever it is that uMama ka Afrika – aka Bontle Moloi (neé Modiselle) – is doing has put her snapback game over the top, and Mzansi is here for it!

After having a baby, having a lean and mean physique isn’t always a priority. And while the modern-day women is working hard to crush the expectation to “snapback” like she didn’t just carry life for 40 weeks, that doesn’t mean it will go unnoticed when it does happen.

How does sis already have muscles to show off after giving birth just a little over three months ago?

“Bring on the swelling, discoloration, the stretch marks, soft spots and cellulite – I’m not immune,” she wrote on her Instagram.

“Let me have a field day with the sleepless nights, the countless nappy changes and random cries, trying to figure out what she needs. Let me fall in love with the newer imperfections my body has inherited.

“These are the vain concerns I’d trade in any day for my baby, who I now get to stare at, hold, kiss and love unconditionally … The approach remains the same – go into each day with courage, with love, resilience and knowing that I am able! I will continue to dance through it all.”

Without saying it directly, Bontle has hinted that her secret ingredient is dance.

Credit must be given where it’s due: sis Bontle’s snapback game is on serious steroids!


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