Bonang, New Boyfriend??

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Bonang, Bonang BNG Prestige

Media Personality Bonang Matheba, left her fans rolling on the floor with laughs, when she unleashed her goofy side on Twitter. The presenter who has learned the hard way to deal with trolls, has captured the hearts of many with her spicy and hilarious replies to those who try to drag her.

Bonang has fallen victim to numerous insults and criticism but, she wastes no time to retaliate back to those who spew bile on her. Bonang delivered a spicy and hilarious clap back to a man, who asked her if she can cook because he is looking for a wife.

Bonang responded and asked whether he can fix a roof because she is also looking for a husband.

The conversation continued and it seems as if we have a new couple alert in the social media streets because, clearly the good homie was trying to shoot his shot and the queen played by his rules.

The man responded and said Bonang must consider her married. Ouch just like that moghel is off the market? Queen B melted the hearts of many and probably left the man swooning when she said, she is reporting for duty.

As if that was enough to convince the man that Bonang was his, Bonang decided to pursue the double-barrel surname route. We are now looking at Bonang Matheba- Shoba , that was so cute right?

When they say there is never dull moment on Twitter this is what they mean. Can this be for real please, because we can even contribute to making their wedding day a dream come true, we are generous as a country right?

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