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Bonang BNG Prestige Drops June 1st!

Bonang, Bonang BNG Prestige

Bonang BNG Prestige

The throats of many people in Mzansi are very dry and for the first time in a while, many people are looking forward to June 1st as that is when alcoholic beverages will be sold.

Its seems there is also something else to look forward to on June 1, 2020, and that is the arrival of the House of BNG’s Prestige Reserve Brut on Woolworths liquor shelves.

House of BNG is media personality Bonang Matheba’s business venture which currently distributes Methode Cap Classique (MCC).

At the Sun Met held earlier this year, Bonang unveiled the new edition of her bubbly range. Queen B arrived at the Sun Met, Africa’s richest race day, in flamboyant style, flanked by two uniformed butlers carrying mysterious “treasures”, creating an event in itself.

The treasures were later revealed as the first bottle releases of The House of BNG’s Prestige Reserve – a sophisticated black bottle with gold detail, including a gold relief BNG logo.

The House of BNG’s Prestige Reserve was initially meant to be released in mid-March, but due to the coronavirus regulations that prohibited the sale of alcohol we guessing Mo’ghel had to put her plans on ice.

Well, not that government is allowing Mzansi to get their drink on there is no better time than that for the release.

Bonang dropped the ad for her new baby and shu it’s an impressive one, well one can only expect the best from Queen B.


Mixed Feelings over Bonang BNG Prestige

Bonang Matheba’s new MCC range, Prestige Reserve from House of BNG, is set to retail at R799 per bottle, and the first release will be limited to 4,500 bottles.

Moghel caused a stir at Sun Met2020 on Saturday with the unveiling of the limited Prestige Reserve.

Bonang told that they drew inspiration from the honeycomb symbol which exudes sophistication and luxury.


“Because The House of BNG Prestige Reserve look is inspired by the bee and crown logo, we took the honeycomb symbol and expressed it in gold on the bottle’s black exterior sleeve, along with an embossed gold logo, all of which exudes sophistication and luxury.”

In a statement issued to TshisaLIVE, B’s team confirmed the latest addition to The House of BNG would retail at R799, and described it as a “flagship innovation” that is able to stand alongside some of the world’s luxury brands.

Bonang said she was looking forward to the MCC range raking in awards.

“I sat down with wine-maker Jeff Grier, and, taking into account my own taste preferences, created a product that, I think, is the ultimate in luxury. We’re looking forward to this vintage being an award-winner.”

Woolworths, the exclusive retailer, said it would be available in the middle of March. There will be 4,500 bottles in the first release.

The price has split social media, with some saying it is too costly.

Bonang clapped back, telling a fan on Twitter: “They said BNG was too expensive when I launched it. Turns out, it was the number one selling MCC in 2019. I’m used it to. They power my dreams.”

Another tweep claimed to have heard that the taste was not worth the price.

Bonang simply laughed off the hate and asked how they would know what it tastes like when the range had not yet hit shelves.

This is not the first time B has had to defend the Prestige Reserve. Earlier this week she clapped back at a tweep who said she is being used as a front.

She said she won’t be paying a “ridiculous amount in the name of supporting black business”.

Bonang responded: “Stay pressed.”